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[Librefm-announce] podcast, new design, new features

From: Matt Lee
Subject: [Librefm-announce] podcast, new design, new features
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2010 09:47:46 -0400
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This is a sporadic update from -- the home of free music

Welcome to another exciting edition of the
occasionally-emailing-you-about-something-we-think-is-cool... thing.

In this edition, we have news about our website, upcoming news on our
new social networking features, a reminder to check out our new design,
and more.

Podcast! Podcast! Podcast! Podcast!

Have you listened to the podcast yet? Episode 2 was released
last week and Episode 3 won't be far behind it. Our podcast, hosted by developer and masquerading Welshman, Mike Sheldon (elleo) has
news from the development of, as well as some of the greatest
libre music being listened to on the site.

Subscribe right now by adding this to your podcast reader:

Plus, if you want to catch the music from the show separately, we have
the feed for you...

Check out all this, and more at the podcast page:

Social networking! Social networking! Social networking!

Do you use Facebook? MySpace? Something else?

Well, will soon have more social networking features on the
site, thanks to the development efforts of GNU social. GNU social, our
sister project, based on the StatusNet code that powers
that many of you already know and love, will be a decentralized social
networking system, giving you freedom over your social relationships as
well as the familiar social networking features people have come to
expect from sites like Facebook and MySpace.
For more information, and to get in on the discussion, join the GNU
social discussion list, social-discuss.

New design! New design! New design! New design! New design!

Have you been to recently? If so, you'll have seen our new
design, courtesy of Argentinian digital artist, Pablo Lizardo.

Pablo, who recently made a voyage to Boston, attended the LibrePlanet
2010 conference where many of the developers were hanging out,
also marking our first anniversary.

Shortly after our meeting, Pablo began to provide design and logo
suggestions, which were discussed on our mailing list, feed
and IRC channel, and within a few weeks, our new design was born,
lovingly implemented by the developers.

If you haven't seen it yet, head over to: and take a look...

And be sure to check out Pablo's portfolio too:

New features! New features! New features! New features! New features!

Finally, new features are abound in -- if you're an artist, let
us know -- we can now hook you up with the ability to manage your own
pages in the site, adding new albums as well as biography information
for each artist. Plans are already underway to import the vast amount of
biography information available on sites like Last FM and Wikipedia
(both under free culture licenses) to make into the best place
in the world to find information about musicians.

Listening support has also returned -- for
all your free music needs.

Support! Support! Support! Support! Support! Support! Support! Support!

Got a problem? Need support? Here are your support options...

* IRC: head over to on

* Mailing list:

* Report bugs:

* Support by email: address@hidden

Until next time, keep listening!


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