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[libredwg] GSoC results and after that . . .

From: .Org.Com
Subject: [libredwg] GSoC results and after that . . .
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2014 23:52:22 +0530

GSoC result is out. I was supposed to wrote on that very day, but
could  not due a certain pressing engagements.

This year we received two applications, and both were viable and
needed for the LibreDWG project. But due to paucity of time with
Mentors, we could afford only to have one student.

Jaskaran, you may continue with your project. You don't need GSoC or
permission to get involved with any FOSS development.  As you applied
for LibreDWG, that mean you must have considered it better suited to
your skill set, and found it interesting. So we expect you keep
involved with LibreDWG.

Piyush Parkash, accept congratulations on behalf of LibreDWG community.

You have a bulk of work ahead of you.

Needless to say that now it is the time to be doing any research your
project requires. Start doing tasks everyday. Start writing diary
daily. In case you have any question / doubt, don't hesitate to ask
here  on this mailing list.

During this time try to turn your proposal into a project plan.  That
mean, you need to do code, after community period ends, and not
struggling to finding required information or asking questions.  You
should know what you need to do by then.

All the best!


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