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[libredwg] sys/malloc.h include fails and AX_SWIG_PYTHON_CPPFLAGS

From: Rob Vermaas
Subject: [libredwg] sys/malloc.h include fails and AX_SWIG_PYTHON_CPPFLAGS
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 09:38:31 +0100


while building libredwg we encountered some problems. See for a problem including
sys/malloc.h .
Attached are two patches which resolved the problems for us.

First patch removes the sys/malloc.h include, as the portable way is
to use stdlib.h which is already included.
Second patch removes a hardcoded python path (/usr/include/...) and
replaces it by the AX_SWIG_PYTHON_CPPFLAGS variable.


Rob Vermaas

[email] address@hidden

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