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[libredwg] testSVG error

From: Anders Genell
Subject: [libredwg] testSVG error
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 20:11:17 +0200


I just built the current libredwg version from a git checkout i did today, and things seem to have gone well (I use Ubuntu 10.04), and I can run the testSVG well enough on the exampl.dwg without error (although I cannot open the resulting svg-file with e.g. Inkscape, but that's another issue).

However, when I try testSVG on a drawing I have (which is the reason for me trying libredwg in the first place) I get an error saying:

ERROR: First object is not a BLOCK_CONTROL

I suppose it has to do the type/version/origin of the dwg-file, so I can provide the dwg-file if needed (it's our new office, so it's nothing exciting...)


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