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[libredwg] Introducing myself

From: Michael Croes
Subject: [libredwg] Introducing myself
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 09:08:13 +0100

Hi all,

I'm Michael Croes, I work at a company called DENC Netherlands B.V.
( We're an architectural and logistical company, thus
also using AutoCAD. During some recent developments we've acquired a
license for the OpenDWG libraries. Currently we've just build one of
the examples that allows us to convert between different DWG and DXF
versions and one other small program that allows DWG to PDF export
(vectorized PDF). In our company we currently use AutoCAD 2010, but we
have DWG files from about all the releases since 2000 I think. Besides
my own ability to test libreDWG with files we have, I might also be
able to supply some files that can be used for testing. Also, I
believe we're allowed to distribute applications developed using the
OpenDWG libraries as long as it's non-commercial (and of course we're
not allowed to redistribute either the libraries themselves or source,
but static linked versions should be fine I believe), so it might be
possible for me to offer the two programs mentioned above to the
project. However I need to check on what's allowed and what not, if
anyone is interested at all.
I don't have much spare time, but as long as there could be any
company value in it I can run some tests etc during work time,
assuming they don't take very long to run. I'll also be listening on
the mailing list so if any request comes in that I think I can handle
I'll try to jump in.


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