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Re: [libredwg] [bug #28858] Segfaults on DWG file

From: Felipe Sanches
Subject: Re: [libredwg] [bug #28858] Segfaults on DWG file
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 13:37:32 -0200

OK. I can open that file in inkscape but I can't see any actual
content apart from a compass rose in the top LH corner. It appears to
have huge dimensions such that inkscape can't shrink it to one page,
so maybe there is a useful image somewhere on the huge canvas and I
just can't find it?

The generated output SVG seems to be huge in dimensions. Which seems to be wrong. Possibly a bug in testSVG.c (which we should call dwg2svg.c instead)
There is also the issue that our svg generator does not read line width information from the dwg file. Instead, it uses a fixed width for line strokes. So, one of the things we need to implement in the converter is reading and using stroke style information.

(I am not at all expert in inkscape and may be
doing it wrong. I failed to find any tools to analyse an SVG for max
dimensions, number of entities etc, which might have been useful.)

ctrl+A selects all elements. Then you can look in the status bar. You will probably see something like "2 groups of objects selected". Then you can do SHIFT+CTRL+G to ungroup, and then read the status message again.

You can also CTRL+F to search for some text that you know that is present in the document. And once it is found, it will be the selected object on canvas. If you press 3 it will zoom so that the selected object fits in the screen. Then you can navigate to see what other things are around that element, eventually zooming out a little to get a general idea of whats around that element.


So the current state is that libreDWG can now read this doc, possibly
correctly, but we don't have a good way of telling?

yes, I think we are now parsing the dwg data structures correctly (at least for this document) but we dont have a good way to handle this information and output it to a good alternative file format.
Are you aware of any work to use libreDWG within applications (such as
Looks like some better code to actually _use_ libreDWG is
needed about now?

Rodrigo is working on integrating LibreDWG into GRASS, a free software GIS tool.
Yes, we indeed need users (aplications) to start using our lib so that we can have some feedback on what needs to be fixed.

Your bug report last week was very useful, we need more of that. Ideally from application developers. But actually, any dwg file that does not parse well is valid as feedback.

Felipe Sanches

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