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[Libreboot] Minifree Libreboot D16 server/workstation launched

From: Leah Rowe
Subject: [Libreboot] Minifree Libreboot D16 server/workstation launched
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2016 06:48:12 +0000
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Hi all,

Minifree has launched a new freedom-friendly computer. Two, in fact. I
write to your organisations in request of press/publicity in the form
of online articles and so on.

Desktop/workstation version:

Server version:

This is a high-end AMD server platform, being sold in server and
extended ATX (desktop/workstation) form factor. It comes with Debian
and Libreboot preinstalled.

This is the first modern commercial system available today that can be
configured to run entirely free software; first Debian, the OS, and
then libreboot, a free/libre BIOS implementation. With Debian and
Libreboot, this is a fully free system containing zero binary blobs of
any kind.

This has positive implications for security in terms of audability,
and therefore privacy in general (no backdoors!). It's also free
software friendly, so there are zero binary blobs and zero proprietary
software running on it in the OS or BIOS. You have all of the four
freedoms over each part of the boot process, which means that you the
user are in full control.

For the first time ever, it is possible for companies to use
libreboot-enabled hardware.

The problem so far with Libreboot and Minifree is that it only
focussed on low-end hardware. The launch of the D16 Server and D16
Desktop changes that. With this hardware you can:

* do actual, serious work e.g. programming or 3D modeling. Software
development nowadays requires powerful computers, because software
becomes more complex. The sheer amount of time to build from source
can be a problem on its own. The D16 can support up to 16 fast AMD
Opteron cores per CPU, and 2 CPUs are possible so 32 cores in total.
This is ideal for software development.
* provide professional hosting services for paying clients, and run a
small ISP
* provide servers inside organisations
* play modern games (libre ones)
* etc (anything that requires a fast computer, basically)

Spread the word!

- -- 
Leah Rowe

Libreboot developer

Use free software. Free as in freedom.

Use a free operating system, GNU+Linux.

Use a free BIOS.

Support computer user freedom.

Minifree Ltd, trading as Ministry of Freedom | Registered in England,
No. 9361826 | VAT No. GB202190462
Registered Office: 19 Hilton Road, Canvey Island, Essex SS8 9QA, UK |



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