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Re: [Libreboot] FSF transgender discrimination anyone? GNU project refus

From: Caleb Herbert
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] FSF transgender discrimination anyone? GNU project refuses to let go of libreboot
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2016 18:53:27 -0500
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OK, I'm tired of this.  I'm done.

It's really hard to stop generalizing trans people as a bunch of angry
jerks when I see every left-wing trans person trying to point fingers at
people with every opportunity they can take.

It confirms right-wing asshole Milo Yiannopoulos's anti-trans rhetoric,
like this trash:

And that freaks me out, because his beliefs disgust me (esp. his

But I will still do my best to not blame trans people for their failed
diplomacy with society.

Our politicians and media are to blame for the shitty trans PR.  They
have told trans people that it's OK to be angry and that lashing out at
people and pointing blame without evidence should be accepted.  We
should all get fucked in the ass by trans political activists just
because trans individuals have gone through Hell living in a body that
mocks their existence every day from the moment they are born.

But we shouldn't encourage people to be mean.  It just gives transphobes
ammunition to deny them equitable treatment in society.

Has anyone watched Zootopia, Disney's furry movie that has inspired lots
of sexy fan art on Inkbunny and e621?  If you haven't, you should.  It
has an important lesson.

In the movie, there is a big speciesist war between prey animals and
predator animals.  At first, the anti-discrimination policies are a good
thing: the main character (Judy) gets to keep her job in spite of the
sexist, speciesist boss, because of an affirmative action initiative.

But later, a prey politician sets up a fake catastrophe where predator
animals keep attacking a bunch of prey animals in what seems to be an
epidemic.  Society panics, chalks it all up to speciesism without much
thought, and elects the prey politician into power.

Once the prey mayor is elected, the fear of predator animals is
leveraged daily.  Whenever something bad happens, it's always chalked up
to speciesism.  All predator animals are fired from government jobs,
including the soft, sweet lion who tended the front desk and got fat on
pastries all day.  He was the only one at work who was respectful and
kind to Judy, and the prey animal who replaced him was a jerk.

But like others, Judy eventually bought into the hysteria, and she
thought the new mayor was her friend.  But she heard things in the new
mayor's private conversations that turned her stomach, and she met a
cute guy (Nick) who happened to be a predator animal.  When she first
met him, Judy was really scared and got out her predator repellent.
Nick got very offended and dribbled it from her.

Nick was hurt. The memories from his childhood flooded his mind's
vision.  As a child, Nick liked doing prey animal things and aspired to
a traditionally prey animal career for the future.  But all his prey
animal friends who he wanted to impress teased him and beat him up.
They said that he couldn't be who he wanted to be, that he's a predator,
and that his "predator instincts" will kick in soon and he will snap at
any minute, killing them all.

Eventually, as they work together to investigate the epidemic, Nick
tells her about his experiences as a so-called "predator".  They grow
very close and fall in love.  But when they are called to report their
findings, and Nick can't get to the stage in time for some reason, and
Judy is pressured by the press for an explanation she doesn't have, she
reverts to assuming "predatory instincts" were the cause.  When Nick
finally gets to the event and sees this, he is crushed, and Judy loses
him, her best friend.

I'm a furry and love the art, and it would be really cool if my
boyfriend had a knot, but does anyone really want our world to turn into
Zootopia?  I don't!

Sorry this message is long as fuck.  I'm really hungry for my tofu
scramble dinner and can't focus on making it shorter.

P.S. Being vegan and gay has taught me what shitty activism and
attitudes do.  Don't you hate PETA?  Yeah, thought you did.  Well,
that's the kind of bullshit I see with the trans lobby, and it's a major
turnoff, and I'm not supporting it.

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