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Re: [Libreboot] GNU Libreboot, version 20160818 released

From: Leah Rowe
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] GNU Libreboot, version 20160818 released
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2016 08:33:36 +0100
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Hi Guilhem,

Op 26/08/16 om 01:15 schreef Guilhem Moulin:
> Hi Leah,
> On Thu, 18 Aug 2016 at 22:44:12 +0100, Leah Rowe wrote:
>> GNU Libreboot 20160818
>> This is a brand GNU release. Libreboot joined the GNU project on
>> 14 May 2016. This 18 August 2016 release is the first GNU release
>> of libreboot.
>> Get it from
> Congrats for the new release!  I noticed you changed the OpenPGP
> key used to signed the SHA512SUMS file.  The new key (fingerprint
> CDC9 CAE3 2CB4 B7FC 84FD  C804 969A 9795 05E8 C5B2) does not appear
> to be in the strong set; in particular, it's not cross-signed with
> either the old relase signing key (fingerprint C923 4BA3 200C F688
> 9CC0  764D 6E97 D575 656F 212E), nor the key you used to sign your
> announce message (fingerprint F894 6B9C 6DBA 8869 AF3E  1480 FF45
> B74C F9D1 CF94).
> Would you mind cross-signing these 3 keys (and uploading them to
> the keyserver pool afterwards)?  This should be enough to connect
> the new release signing key to the strong set, and therefore help
> people to establish trust path to it.

I can't use the old signing key (I lost it) but I signed it with my
email key, the info I use for this email address. Others have verified
this key so this should be enough.

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Leah Rowe

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