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Re: [Libreboot] Thinkpad x200 with Libreboot 20160818: problem booting f

From: persmule
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] Thinkpad x200 with Libreboot 20160818: problem booting from USB
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2016 06:57:50 +0800
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   Hi Marcel,
   According to my experience, slower usb flash drives work stabler.
   It may be due to libreboot using a slower but simpler mode to operate
   USB, and some newer and faster usb drives work poor under this mode,
   while operating systems can use faster and more complex mode.
   I have prepared a [1]SanDisk Cruzer Micro 4GB and a [2]ADATA C906 4GB,
   both of which work very stable, to hold bootable images for my
   libreboot computers, and ADATA C906 is a bit faster.
   在 2016年08月23日 23:40, Marcel Maci 写道:
   > > Hi Leah, > It worked perfectly with another stick indeed. Is there
   any rule/criteria/list for the sticks that work or is it just trial and
   error ... ? ;-) > Thx + greetings, > Marcel > >> El 23 ago 2016, a las
   9:24, Leah Rowe [3]<address@hidden> escribió: >>

     Hi Marcel,
     Op 23/08/16 om 08:20 schreef Marcel Maci:
     >>> Hi all, I get strange behaviour with Libreboot 20160818 on
     >>> x200. When Grub shows up, I select "Boot from usb". It then
     >>> the Trisquel menu where I select whatever I want (e.g. install,
     >>> boot from live cd) and I get the error message:
     >>> Error: USB mass storage stalled Error: you need to load kernel
     >>> first
     >>> Press any key to continue
     >>> I tried the same with another usb-stick with Tails and it booted
     >>> without any complaint (tried several times). Other strange
     >>> behaviour: sometimes I get a "kernel panic" message with the
     >>> uppercase led blinking and the system stops (this can occur with
     >>> both sticks, but with Tails the message just pops up a fraction
     >>> a second and then it continues booting). Does anybody know what
     >>> problem could be? BTW: flashing the x200 was very slow (due to
     >>> connection with the clip I had to reduce speed to 128 and it
     >>> 1.5 hours (!) - I also had to specify manually the "MX25L6405D"
     >>> with the -c option), but the content of the flash chip seems to
     >>> correct (it said VERIFIED in the end). Thx and greetings, Marcel
     Can you try another USB drive? Not all drives work reliably in the
     GRUB payload.

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