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[Libreboot] tester needed for t400

From: Arthur Heymans
Subject: [Libreboot] tester needed for t400
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2016 02:04:06 +0200
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Currently libreboot reverses a patch in coreboot that is supposed to
handle lenovo systems with 2 gpu's attached. This revert had to be done because
this hybrid lenovo gpu driver does not work on t400 and results in the
display not working in either grub or linux.

A proper fix is needed and I think to know how but I don't have a t400
to test. So it would be nice if someone could test a rom for me on his/her t400 
with dual
graphics to confirm its working.
link to rom:

How to test:
1) flash that rom
2) boot into GNU/linux
3) report if you have working display in GNU/linux

- that its possible this patch does not work and then you won't have
a working display in linux so be prepared to either work blindly or use
ssh to reflash a working rom
- its unknown if you will have working grub on high res screens

Technical details: the hybrid driver uses wrong gpio (gpio52 instead of
gpio22) on t400 to connect gpu's to the display.


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Arthur Heymans

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