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Re: [Libreboot] new T400 beta ROMs for testing

From: Persmule
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] new T400 beta ROMs for testing
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2016 12:54:39 +0800
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   Hi Leah,
   I manage to do bisect myself.
   I have noticed that the coreboot revision used by t400 has changed
   around Jul 17:

     $ git diff 23048a4 HEAD
     diff --git a/resources/libreboot/config/grub/t400_8mb/cbrevision
     index 1ab8299..d4e47be 100644
     --- a/resources/libreboot/config/grub/t400_8mb/cbrevision
     +++ b/resources/libreboot/config/grub/t400_8mb/cbrevision
     @@ -1 +1 @@

   Is it possible to do bisect like below?

     start bisect on coreboot's repository between the two revision, then
     write the current coreboot revision number given by $git show -s to
     resources/libreboot/config/grub/t400_?mb/cbrevision, then build
     libreboot as usual and flash and test, then mark the current
     revision on coreboot's repository and recurse.

   在 2016年08月11日 18:27, Leah Rowe 写道:

     Hi Persmule,
     Op 11/08/16 om 03:46 schreef Persmule:
     > Hi all,
     > Sorry, the different byte is actually 0x14 (024 in octal) in the
     > older and 0x24 (044 in octal) in the newer. I used "$cmp -bl" to
     > search the possible difference, which print the different byte in
     > octal.
     I made some changes to ich9gen, relating to the descriptor, some
     ago. We found for instance that the "component density" section was
     wrong, so we fixed that. There were some other minor changes. Users
     have reported working wifi with those newer descriptors in earlier
     snapshots. The 96 snapshot uses a new revision of coreboot and as
     as I know, this is all that has changed, aside from some minor
     changed which also shouldn't (in my opinion) affect wifi. We think
     upstream (coreboot project) might have broken it, so someone will
     to bisect coreboot to see if there is a regression, and if so on

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