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Re: [Libreboot] MacBook 2,1: reduce CPU temperature

From: Albin
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] MacBook 2,1: reduce CPU temperature
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2016 20:04:00 +0200
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Hi Marcel,

I'm glad that this method worked out so well for you. I got inspired and
drilled a few holes in my own macbook2,1. As you can see from the
pictures below I made just eight holes in the shape of a ring.
Unfortunately, my results were not so good; there was no apparent
difference in temperature, but instead the computer just got a little
bit louder. I guess that more holes are needed...



Den 2016-08-18 kl. 12:16, skrev Marcel Maci:
> Hi all,
> Just in case somebody is interested in flashing Libreboot on a Macbook 2,1, 
> I'd like to share my experience here: 
> As you know, the MacBook gets quite hot (event hotter with Libreboot). You 
> can adjust the fan settings (as described here: 
>, but this is 
> not a good solution. The basic problem with the MacBook is that it has no 
> opening (air inlet) for the fan (it takes hot air from the inside which is 
> not effective at all). On the Trisquel forum 
> ( I read about 
> a guy who cut a hole in the bottom part of the MacBook (just where the fan 
> is). He reports that CPU temperatures can be 10-20 degrees lower. So I 
> decided to apply this solution myself by thrilling a series of smaller holes 
> (instead of one big hole) into the body of the MacBook. I can confirm that 
> this lowers the CPU temperatures in a very efficient way:
> - before the modification cpu temperatures were always around 65-70 degrees 
> even when I was working normally (i.e. without heavy cpu load) and the fan 
> was constantly on and turning on full speed (6200 rpm)
> - now the temperatures are constantly around 55-65 degres and the fan only 
> kicks in from time to time and doesn't get over 4500-5000 rpm normally (only 
> with HD videos the fan spins at max speed and cpu temperatures get up to 75 
> or eventually 80 degrees).
> I'm really happy with this solution. Make sure to be careful when drilling 
> the holes (especially cleaning up the small metal pieces that the thrilling 
> produces) and smoothenig the interior with sand paper. Do it from the inside 
> and with the fan removed (see photos).
> Be sure to install a newer kernel (I'm using 4.2 - with 3.13 the touchpad was 
> just UNUSABLE!), reconfigure the keyboard and you will get one of the best 
> Libreboot-experiences in my opinion!
> Greetings,
> Marcel

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