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Re: [Libreboot] High-res dual link LVDS LCD panels - testers needed for

From: Persmule
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] High-res dual link LVDS LCD panels - testers needed for GM45 (X200/T400/R400/T500)
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2016 11:04:57 +0800
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   Hi all,
   I have finished testing the image built from the HEAD of the git
   repository, as well as the image experimental-100-gfed5aaf downloaded
   from the site, on my t400s with a 1440x900 lcd panel.
   Now the graphics works fine during boot, finally!
   But the access to EC is still broken on my t400s, making wifi cards
   locked down by rfkill, and Fn+keys stopped from working, as my last few
   mails said.
   The logs you want are attached, grouped as head, fed5aaf, and old. (an
   old image on which graphics is broken during boot but works with linux
   kernel running, and EC is accessible)
   在 2016年08月18日 01:08, Leah Rowe 写道:

     Owners of those devices, please test:
     I'm just going to paste the IRC log with the request in it.
     2016-08-17 17:59:49     @leah
     2016-08-17 17:59:50     @leah   new beta
     2016-08-17 17:59:51     fpbot   ?Index of
     2016-08-17 17:59:55     @leah   X200/T400 users please test
     2016-08-17 17:59:58     <--     mzki
     (address@hidden) has quit (Quit: leaving)
     2016-08-17 17:59:58     @leah   R400 and T500 users too
     2016-08-17 18:00:08     @leah   we need to know if 1280x800 panels
     still work on both laptops
     2016-08-17 18:00:48     @leah   we also need to know what effects
     has for people with dual link lvds screens on t400/t500/r400 (this
     means screens with a resolution higher than 1280x800. e.g. 1440x900)
     2016-08-17 18:03:19     @leah   regardless of whether anything
     if you can boot into a distro, boot with drm.debug=0xe
     and provide dmesg logs and kernel logs. send this to the mailing
     2016-08-17 18:04:02     @leah   after that, boot again as above but
     also with nomodeset and do the same again
     2016-08-17 18:04:28     @leah   there is also a coreboot util called
     inteltool which can be used to dump intel register contents, which
     can do on each of the two bootups
     2016-08-17 18:04:37     @leah   there is also intel_reg_dump
     from intel
     2016-08-17 18:04:50     @leah   there is also intel_reg_dump
     from intel-gpu-tools package in trisquel/debian which you can
     output of too




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