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Re: [Libreboot] lcd-panel 1440x900 not working (external monitor ok)

From: Leah Rowe
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] lcd-panel 1440x900 not working (external monitor ok)
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2016 12:05:04 +0100
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everything looks normal from the log but I only gave it a quick look.
I think we'll have to revert the revision for gm45 in this release and
re-enable text mode again after the release

Op 31/07/16 om 11:37 schreef Marcel Maci:
> Hello Leah I think I did it with -c option (i.e. cbmem -c)?!? Just
> to be sure I did it once more and attach you the output. Thx +
> greetings, Marcel
> On Sun, 31 Jul 2016 09:49:42 +0100 Leah Rowe <address@hidden>
> wrote:
> Can you try with the -c option?
> cbmem -c
> Also make sure to send replies to the mailing list, where we have
> peer review, otherwise I have to forward useful bits to the mailing
> list myself.
> Op 31/07/16 om 08:21 schreef Marcel Maci:
>>>> Hi Leah Thx again for your quick answer. Here I send you the
>>>> output of cbmem from my Thinkpad T400. Note that it's with
>>>> the old version of Libreboot (20150518), so I don't know if
>>>> it's useful. I don't have the ehci debug dongle - anyway,
>>>> this is all quite new for me (but I'll do what I can to
>>>> provide information you need in order to test new versions).
>>>> Another question: which e-mail address should I use when I
>>>> reply? If I have enough time I will flash the experimental
>>>> version of libreboot on my Thinkpad x60 today and send you
>>>> the cbmem-logs. Thx + greetings, Marcel
>>>> coreboot-4.0 Mon May 18 03:42:26 UTC 2015 romstage
>>>> starting... running main(bist = 0) Hybrid graphics available,
>>>> setting mode 0 Stepping B3 2 CPU cores AMT enabled capable of
>>>> DDR2 of 800 MHz or lower VT-d enabled GMCH: GM45 TXT enabled
>>>> Render frequency: 533 MHz IGD enabled PCIe-to-GMCH enabled
>>>> GMCH supports DDR3 with 1067 MT or less GMCH supports FSB
>>>> with up to 1067 MHz SMBus controller enabled. 0:50:b 2:51:b
>>>> DDR mask 5, DDR 3 Bank 0 populated: Raw card type:    F Row
>>>> addr bits:   14 Col addr bits:   10 byte width: 1 page size:
>>>> 1024 banks:            8 ranks:            2 tAAmin:    105
>>>> tCKmin:     15 Max clock: 533 MHz CAS:       0x01c0 Bank 1
>>>> populated: Raw card type:    F Row addr bits:   14 Col addr 
>>>> bits:   10 byte width:       1 page size:     1024 banks: 8
>>>>> El 30 jul 2016, a las 2:11, Leah Rowe
>>>>> <address@hidden> escribió:
>>>> You can get them using cbmem -c
>>>> cbmem is in lbireboot under coreboot/util in one of the
>>>> coreboot src directories. You might also be able to get the
>>>> same logs from serial device (ehci debug dongle) but I'm
>>>> guessing you don't have that?
>>>> If you can't do these things, don't worry,it's not critical
>>>> Op 29/07/16 om 13:59 schreef Marcel Maci:
>>>>>>> Hi Leah, Excuse my newbie question: what do you mean
>>>>>>> by coreboot logs? The file dmesg or any other file
>>>>>>> under /var/log? Metal chassis: of course, but note that
>>>>>>> I'm a complete amateur (so my soldering skills are not
>>>>>>> good ...) Marcel
>>>>>>> On Thu, 28 Jul 2016 23:13:12 +0100 Leah Rowe 
>>>>>>> <address@hidden> wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi Marcel,
>>>>>>> Op 28/07/16 om 18:32 schreef Marcel Maci:
>>>>>>>>>> Hi Leah
>>>>>>>>>> Thx for your answer. I tried
>>>>>>>>>> experimental_86_g07ed7f9 with my Thinkpad T400
>>>>>>>>>> today. Everything is running (I can tell from the
>>>>>>>>>> noise of the HDD and also indicator of wifi comes
>>>>>>>>>> up after blindly logging into the system), but
>>>>>>>>>> graphics fail completely: not even external
>>>>>>>>>> VGA-Monitor works and LCD-panel doesnt even 
>>>>>>>>>> flicker. Sewed an opening in the metal chassis
>>>>>>>>>> today, so that I can access the flash chip more
>>>>>>>>>> easily now (see photo attached, I was really fed
>>>>>>>>>> up with all those screws, the heatsink and
>>>>>>>>>> thermal paste ... :-), so flashing and testing a
>>>>>>>>>> new image is much more straightforward now.
>>>>>>>>>> As to the Thinkpad x60s: the improvements sound
>>>>>>>>>> great, but I will leave it as it is for the
>>>>>>>>>> moment (I use it as my main computer for office
>>>>>>>>>> work at the moment, so it has to work ... ;-),
>>>>>>>>>> but I have another Thinkpad x60 (not the s model)
>>>>>>>>>> which I can try instead.
>>>>>>>>>> Let me know if you want me to test another
>>>>>>>>>> release candidate.
>>>>>>>>>> Marcel
>>>>>>> Thank you for your report. If you also have coreboot
>>>>>>> logs, that would be great.
>>>>>>> It seems that upstream coreboot has a regression
>>>>>>> somewhere in native graphics initialization on the
>>>>>>> T400. Previous betas worked, before we updated the
>>>>>>> revision of coreboot used for your laptop. We'll have
>>>>>>> to revert back to the previous revision for now, and
>>>>>>> disable text mode on it, until this can be fixed. Other
>>>>>>> people also reported the same issue as you with the
>>>>>>> T400.
>>>>>>> We also need to do this for now on X200, because USB
>>>>>>> is broken for some reason in text mode on that system
>>>>>>> (unless it's fixed).
>>>>>>> By the way, what you've done to that metal chassis
>>>>>>> around the board is not good. That part of it is needed
>>>>>>> for structural integrity. If you want easier access to
>>>>>>> the chip, you could solder wires and route those
>>>>>>> instead. You've already done it now, so no point
>>>>>>> worrying.

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