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Re: [Libreboot] 82-g5090b51 t400 report

From: Leah Rowe
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] 82-g5090b51 t400 report
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2016 22:38:01 +0100
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Hi ng0,

Op 21/07/16 om 21:18 schreef ng0:
> I wish I could debug this not on a development system to see if 
> where the bug lies. I will run a system upgrade just in case I 
> missed something, but as per commit message wingo solved this a 
> while ago - GNOME used to go into suspend loop when you tried to 
> wake it up. As it's been a long time since I actually used resume
> from suspend (and suspend): The expected behavior is to close the
> lid when the OS is running, laptop goes into that mode, you wait
> some time, open the lid again and it restores the state it was in,
> correct?

Yes. If this is a GNOME bug in your opinion, then could you verify by
testing with either a later GNOME version that fixes it, or another
window manager that doesn't have this bug?

> For me the restore from suspend was limited, ie: The "suspend" LED
> (the moon) turned off, as far as I remember wifi came back on,
> light in the frame worked, optical disk could be opened and 
> closed.

Expected behaviour is to suspend normally, then be able to resume.
When resuming, your desktop (for example) would appear as it did
before and everything would function normally.

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Leah Rowe

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