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[Libreboot] Full disk encryption on Lenovo X200

From: Tudor SUCIU
Subject: [Libreboot] Full disk encryption on Lenovo X200
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2016 12:06:04 +0200


The guide on libreboot site is not working for me.
I needed:
- network connection on ethernet
- use the text installer, LVM is not an option in the graphical install
- use a usb key as "/boot" - unencrypted
- pretty complicated to boot the thing (option 4 - search on external
- after first successful boot from unencrypted /boot, as root:
  cp -r /boot /root/
  umount /boot
  cp -r /root/boot/* /boot
  vim /etc/fstab -> take out /boot
  update-grub (did not work - would not boot with given conf)
  manual boot instructions from the page work ok
  new grubtest.cfg file in libreboot bios (attached)

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