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Re: [Libreboot] Fail to build coreboot module using latest libreboot

From: usr
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] Fail to build coreboot module using latest libreboot
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2016 17:18:08 +0300
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I recompiled the last version again with the following commands. My gcc version is 6.1.1. It compiles successfully.

$ ./download crossgcc coreboot depthcharge

$ cd coreboot && make crossgcc-arm # to skip building crosscompiler for i386. This should have the same effect with ./build module crossgcc. Look at resources/scripts/helpers/build/module/crossgcc

$ ./build module coreboot

$ ./ build roms withdepthcharge

Maybe you are missing some dependencies? Have you checked resources/scripts/helpers/build/dependenceies/parabola for needed dependencies?

Good luck,


On 07/07/16 07:19, Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
Hi there,

I've been trying to build libreboot on my x86_64 Debian testing system,
but it seems I cannot pass the "./build module coreboot" phase.  The
compilation fails with:

   HOSTCC     cbfstool/fmd_parser.o
   HOSTCC     cbfstool/fmd_scanner.o
   <stdout>: In function ‘yy_get_next_buffer’:
   <stdout>:1083:44: error: comparison between signed and unsigned integer 
expressions [-Werror=sign-compare]
   cc1: all warnings being treated as errors

Since it seems that the coreboot revision that is compile is pinned,
then my guess is that maybe the version of GCC (5.4.0-4) that I'm using
is to blame, but I'm not sure.

Is anyone aware of this problem?  Any advices to solve it?


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