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[Libreboot] Unable to boot after upgrading from Trisquel 6.1 to Trisquel

From: Niall Dooley
Subject: [Libreboot] Unable to boot after upgrading from Trisquel 6.1 to Trisquel 7
Date: Sat, 28 May 2016 00:13:39 +0100

Sometime ago, I ran into an issue with my Libreboot X60s upgrading from
Trisquel 6.1 to Trisquel 7! I backed up my entire home folder, updated, and
upgraded using aptitude my 6.1 install. I also re-booted my machine to use
the latest kernel (3.2.0-93-generic if I remember correctly) that was
installed with that last upgrade. I then proceeded to upgrade to Trisquel 7
(via tty1) by executing 'do-release-upgrade' as recommended. Strangely, I
was not prompted to run as sudo which I would have expected. Anyway, the
upgrade appeared to progress as expected yet when it finally 'finished'
there were messages stating that their were errors with the upgrade. I
assumed due to these errors (whatever their cause) my system would remain
on 6.1. Now, I'm in the situation where my machine starts to boot up,
attempts to load the OS but then hangs at some point in the process with
the screen displaying some startup messages but flashing making it
difficult to read what they say. I capture what I could in the attached.

I was running the 20150208 version of Libreboot as I hadn't upgraded to
20150508 as if I'm not mistaken no longer supported Trisquel 6. In any case
I don't suspect Libreboot as the boot process does start.

If I boot Trisquel 7 from a USB everything seems to work fine.

Can anyone make sense of the attached errors? I wasn't able to find much in
a search online.

Any help would be appreciated.


irc: doolio

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