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Re: [Libreboot] Target candidate: Thinkpad T400s

From: persmule
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] Target candidate: Thinkpad T400s
Date: Wed, 11 May 2016 23:33:45 +0800
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Hi Leah Woods,

I just built the libreboot images from the latest git repository, and flashed those images to my x200 and t400s, respectively.

On x200 it shows that the century byte has been fixed. But t400s gives no video output at all (even after the kernel get booted), and I cannot find any LVDS-related patches within repo, so it seems that the certain elegant patch written by phcoder you have mentioned has not been included in this version.

Besides, the script helping to build coreboot (invoked via ./build module coreboot) is very hard to use, for it is hard to either proceed or reset once the build-module command fails. I have to cache the result of './download coreboot' to recover from failure (caused by an over-strict '-Werror' switch within to build a lex-generated file for cbfstool.

Could you tell me how I can find the patch to enable dual-link LVDS automatically?



在 2016年05月10日 23:06, Leah Woods 写道:
Hi Persmule

Op 10/05/16 om 13:00 schreef Persmule:
> Finally I get my T400s work by flashing it with rom for T400, and
> apply the patch
> 0014-northbridge-intel-gm45-Automatically-enable-second-L.patch
> (attached, which I got from resources/libreboot/patch/ within the
> latest master branch. I failed to find a more proper way to obtain
> this patch) to enable dual-link LVDS automatically, as well as the
> patch to enable centry byte
> (

Are you sure that this patch needs to be merged in libreboot?
You're using the early patch that pehjota wrote, but phcoder in
#coreboot wrote a better patch that auto-detects single/dual lane
lvds, which libreboot has in the latest version from git.

Libreboot also has the century byte fix already.

Can you try the ROM images for T400 from the current
libreboot-unstable snapshot at (or
compiled from latest libreboot git repository) on your T400S, and say
whether that works or not?

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