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[Libreboot] Libreboot On Asus C100PA

From: Ali
Subject: [Libreboot] Libreboot On Asus C100PA
Date: Mon, 09 May 2016 01:24:48 +0000


I recently spoke with Paul (The replicant dev who helped with the Asus C201 port) and he said he would be willing to help port Libreboot to the Asus C100PA. For those who don't know, the C100 has the same rockchip as the C201 so porting should hopefully be easier. I feel this device would also open up libreboot to more developers and users considering that the C100 is sold at many large retailers in the US and abroad.

I have a C100 to use for testing and we could possibly start a fund as another user suggested to buy devices for developers. C100s and C201s are very inexpensive compared to some other devices.

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