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Re: [Libreboot] Un-bricking a T60

From: Albin
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] Un-bricking a T60
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 21:13:54 +0100
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I don't know if this is of any help but with a later version of
libreboot (February 2016) the keyboard is unresponsive on my T60 every
other boot.  (I therefore use an older version which doesn't have this
problem.)  Maybe you should just try to boot a lot of times?

One thing you could do in any case is to connect the computer to another
one over serial and use GNU Screen to get the coreboot text output.

Good luck!


Den 2016-03-24 kl. 16:51, skrev Luke Shumaker:
> Hi guys,
> My libreboot T60 decided to brick itself after I closed it and put it
> in my backpack yesterday.
> The wiki[1][2] assumes that the device became bricked while installing
> libreboot.  This is not the case for me, so I'm a little unsure of
> where to start.
> What I know:
>  - The screen+backlight are getting power; when I first pulled it out
>    of my backpack and woke it up, it was on, filled with the solid
>    color that is my X11 background.  However, after power-cycling...
>  - the screen doesn't appear to respond at all. Looking very closely
>    at it, I can't see anything; I don't believe that the issues is as
>    simple as the backlight not turning on (an issue that I had when
>    upgrading libreboot at libreplanet last year).
>  - The SSD is good (tested in another box)
>  - Replacing the RAM doesn't fix it.
>  - Plugging in an external monitor (VGA) does nothing.
>  - All internal connections seem secure, but it's possible I missed
>    something.
>  - One of two things happens when I try booting:
>     1. The HDD light flickers briefly, and I hear the CD drive spin (checking
>        if something's in it), then nothing but the power light being
>        on.
>     2. The HDD light flickers, and continues to do so, in a manner
>        consistent with a normal boot.  But then, it stops, and the
>        caps-lock light starts blinking.
>  - In neither of the above 2 cases does typing my username & password
>    to log in, then trying to run sound-generating commands do
>    anything.
> I believe that case 1 is libreboot failing to even load the Linux
> kernel, and case 2 is Linux starting but then panicking.
> My next step is going to be pulling the CMOS coin in case BUC.TS
> somehow got set.[1]
> Given that I believe that the Linux kernel is sometimes panicking, I'd
> love EHCI debugging, but it appears[2] that I need to have the box
> working first to identify which USB port to use.  Is it consistent
> across libreboot-supported T60's?  Could one of you tell me which port
> works?
> I guess my final thing to try would be to use my BBB+SOIC-8-clip to
> try to re-flash the firmware, but it seems unlikely to me that that
> would fix it.
> Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated.
> [1]:
> [2]:

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