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[Libreboot] New topic: Libreboot on MiniFree X60 - will not boot, CapsLo

From: Aidan Karley
Subject: [Libreboot] New topic: Libreboot on MiniFree X60 - will not boot, CapsLock LED flashing
Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2016 22:03:33 +0000 (UTC)

Turned on the laptop (X60 with Libreboot, Lubuntu in place of Trisql) this 
morning and it's an unwell laptop. It will go through the usual palaver to load 
the Ubuntu system after reading the HDD configuration (never been bothered to 
try to figure out what Trisql does that Lubuntu or most other systems do), and 
it starts to do the reading of the kernel and or init ramfile from memory ... 
then blocks.
Only remaining signal is the Capslock LED flashing.
(1) Libreboot or Lubuntu ... actually, I can address this tomorrow if I can 
find the dinky HDD with Trisql on it. Tomorrow.
(2) My guess is this is indicating a keyboard fault. Removed and replaced 
keyboard, but no result. Also removed, shuffled and replaced SODIMMs with no 
success (the X60 doesn't seem to want to boot with a 2GB SODIMM in slot 0, but 
otherwise the fault persists.

Any suggestions?

--  Aidan Karley, Scotland

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 It is mainly due to lack of documentation on the northbridge
 memory controller.
 On 6 March 2016 1:54:58 AM AEDT, persmule <address@hidden>
 >Hi Will,
 >Because that model use Nvidia chipsets and its
 interfaces for wlan card
 >are not standard, so it is worthless to support such
 >? 2016?03?05? 15:11, Will Jones ??:
 >Hi all,
 >I was wondering what issues arise when trying to run on
 a Macbook 5,1,
 >which from what the FAQ states, I would have thought
 that since they
 >use 2008 intel processors, they would be able to work
 with libre
 >firmware. So, in a more succinct form, what are the
 specific hardware
 >reasons that it isn't supported?
 >Thanks in advance,
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