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Re: [Libreboot] libreplanet 2016 and libre dinner

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] libreplanet 2016 and libre dinner
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2016 10:59:43 -0800
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Francis Rowe writes:

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> To all libreboot users, developers and supporters,
> As you may know, the FSF hosts an annual Free Software conference in
> Boston, MA, USA every year. This conference is called "LibrePlanet",
> and it's similar to other conferences (e.g. FOSDEM, CCC).
> The next one is on March 19 and March 20, 2016. More details on
> The keynote speaker this year is Edward Snowden, even.
> I'm going there, and it would be amazing for more people to come too.
> There will also be a dinner organised before the conference, most
> likely on Thursday (17 March 2016) but the FSF will make details
> available later on. We're interested if any libreboot people would be
> interested in coming. Reply on this list if you're interested :)

I might be able to go.  Put me down as maybe?  If I go I will probably
bring a couple of friends.  I can let you know as we get closer.

> There is a strong chance that I will also be making a 2nd speech this
> year at libreplanet, for the libreboot project. We're also interested
> in organising a libreboot installation workshop, so if anyone is
> interested in getting their laptop flashed with libreboot, libreplanet
> is a perfect opportunity for you :)
> - - Francis Rowe

I'm definitely interested in this.  I'm already running Libreboot, but
I'd love to update to the latest version... and learn how to do so!

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