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[Libreboot] T400 (gm45?) RTC fix

From: Bella Riosa
Subject: [Libreboot] T400 (gm45?) RTC fix
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2016 21:00:16 +0100

Issue: Kernels newer than 4.2 couldn't read the hw-clock and set the date to 
On Kernels up to 4.2 this kernel message appears (but the hw-clock works):

WARNING: Persistent clock returned invalid value!
Check your CMOS/BIOS settings.

1. Apply 
2. flash and reboot
3. use nvramtool and a hex-editor to patch the cmos century-byte (byte# 0x32)
it must be 0x20 (yes hex, it's BCD)
4. reboot again. it should work now

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