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[Libreboot] Support for X200s/tablet

From: Chris Mailer
Subject: [Libreboot] Support for X200s/tablet
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2015 19:16:30 +0100


I want to buy a Thinkpad X200/s/t and want to use it with Libreboot.
I learned from your website that the X200s (which appears to be easier
to find on places like ebay) might not always work.
I particular, it is stated that it would work if it has the "right"
CPU: " Coreboot currently disables GS45 altogether, but forcing
coreboot to treat high-performance GS45 as GM45 makes the X200S and
X200 Tablet boot if it has the right CPU type. Hardcode-enable GS45
high-performance mode in coreboot, passing it off as GM45. This is
known to work with all CPUs except the SU (low performance) models."
May I ask you to confirm which CPUs do NOT work in particular?
You further state, that it would work with all displays available, and
also with the tablet. However, later is said that it might be
necessary to exchange the display or the digitizer. This is confusing.
Can I use a (any) X200tablet with Libreboot, and will the touchscreen
work as well?
Thank you for clarification,


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