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Re: [Libreboot] Laptop does not wakup from standby

From: Thomas Umbach
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] Laptop does not wakup from standby
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 2015 09:37:33 +0000

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Hi Tobias,

On 10/04/2015 08:37 AM, Tobias Platen wrote:
> On 03.10.2015 16:18, Thomas Umbach wrote: Hi Tobias,
> On 10/03/2015 11:11 AM, Tobias Platen wrote:
>>>> I recently baught a Libreboot X200 from minifree. I mosty use
>>>> it with an
> Congrats!
>>>> external monitor and a usb keyboard. When I put the Laptop
>>>> into standby, I can wake it up when I press the powerbutton.
>>>> When I press a key on the external keyboard it hangs and I
>>>> have to press the power button for a longer time to restart
>>>> the laptop. I guess this is a bug in libreboot, but I do not
>>>> know how to fix that bug.
> I quickly tried to replicate your issue on my X200 (libreboot 
> 20150518) with the pm-suspend function of the pm-utils package in 
> Debian Jessie and Trisquel Belenos with A) an USB keyboard
> connected directly to a X200 USB 2.0 port; B) an USB keyboard
> connected to a docking USB 2.0 port; C) an USB keyboard connected
> to an USB 3.0 Expresscard, I don't run into any problems.
> Which OS?
>> Trisquel 7
> Does this happen when you push another key on the X200 keyboard
>> I did not test this
> beforehand? Does this happen without Xorg?
>> not tested
> Do you have further informations, like a kernel crash dump, errors
> in /var/log/syslog etc.? What have you done to isolate this problem
> so far?
>>>> Tobias Platen
> I have found a workaround for this bug, I just pull the usb plug
> when the computer is in standby, so I can't put the computer in the
> hanging state. I use the USB extension cord that came with my Apple
> keyboard.
> I don't have a beaglebone for debugging and flashing, so I won't
> try to fix that bug now. Maybe I have an older version of libreboot
> where this

Once libreboot is installed, there is no need for that. See

> bug is not yet fixed, but I expect that minifree installs the
> latest version of libreboot.

I couldn't find informations about a known bug regarding the symptoms
you mention at or the two mailing
lists (that is until now).
It might be as well another reason for this.
It can be concluded that without further testing it'll unclear where
this problem originates from.

You also could inform Minifree about this problem, or go visit
#libreboot on FreeNode.

> Tobias Platen
- -- 
Best regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Cordialement/Met vriendelijke groet
Thomas Umbach

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