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[Libreboot] T60 Resume Black Screen With Mouse

From: Joshua Bowren
Subject: [Libreboot] T60 Resume Black Screen With Mouse
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2015 09:40:00 -0400
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With libreboot 20150518 after resuming from suspend most of the time my T60 displays a black screen with the mouse still visible. I can get back to the desktop by switching to TTY1 and then back to TTY7. Very rarely switching to TTY1 and back does not solve the issue and the machine has to be shutdown manually by holding down the power button. For a while I switched to libreboot 20150208 and the issue only came up very rarely, but every time had to be shutdown manually.

I am not sure where to check for messages that may help debug this. I checked the xorg log briefly, but did not see anything alarming. I think the issue may be specific to my desktop environment (GNOME 3.14). If I get some time later I'll check if this issue can be reproduced when running LXDE or some other environment. I am running Debian 8. If anyone knows additional information I could provide please let me know.

Out of curiosity, does anyone running libreboot on the X60 have the same/similar problem?

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