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[Libreboot] [PATCHES] Describe and implement LVDS second channel enablem

From: Patrick 'P. J.' McDermott
Subject: [Libreboot] [PATCHES] Describe and implement LVDS second channel enablement
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2015 12:07:05 -0400
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Find patches attached or in the
feature/gm45-lvds-second-channel-solution branch of my repository:

On GM45-based systems with a 1680x1050, 1440x900, or 1920x1200 display,
the display isn't properly enabled in part because the boards'
devicetree.cb files have hardcoded single-channel LVDS configurations.
So normally there is no output on such displays in either GRUB or Linux
(unless the devicetree.cb is manually changed before building the ROM or
the GRUB configuration boots Linux with "lvds_channel_mode=2" in its
command line.  With this change, there should be display output in
Linux, but still not in GRUB.

I've tested that the coreboot patch compiles, but I don't have any
affected systems on which to test the ROMs.  If anyone on this list has
a ThinkPad R400, T400, or T500 with a high-resolution (higher than
1280x800) display and some time to build and test a ROM, I'd appreciate
some testing of this change (be sure to temporarily remove your
libreboot_grub.cfg file if you have one that boots Linux with

Patrick "P. J." McDermott
Lead Developer, ProteanOS

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