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Re: [Libreboot] X200 mSATA SSD not recognised

From: Dakoya
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] X200 mSATA SSD not recognised
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2015 22:56:00 +0100
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I will make sure to buy one of those as my next computer purchase, then.
Hopefully by then the libre EC firmware will also be production-ready.

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> it has a DVD/CD drive but you can remove that, and put a HDD there,
> using a passive adapter (the slot itself is already SATA).
> T400, R400, T500 and (later to be added to libreboot) R500 and W500
> all have built in 2nd SATA ports, those can also be used for a 2nd HDD/SSD
> On 10/09/15 22:44, Dakoya wrote:
>> Oh! That is good to know. Then I shall do that, as far as I knew
>> the dock only had a CD drive. Thank you for the help!
>> You can add a 2nd HDD/SSD to the docking station, in the slot for
>> the DVD drive.
>> On 10/09/15 22:32, Dakoya wrote:
>>>>> Alas, the goal was to have two working drives in the machine
>>>>> - one for system (being the mSATA in one of the mini pcie
>>>>> slots) and one for other things (movies, etc) so you could
>>>>> remove the "Other" drive and still have a working system. The
>>>>> only solution to use mSATA would be to do a risky soldering
>>>>> on the motherboard which I'm not skilled enough to do.
>>>>> It has SATA, and there are SATA->mSATA adapters. You could
>>>>> use one of those.
>>>>> On 10/09/15 21:36, Dakoya wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> Is it possible to take the mSATA code from the
>>>>>>>>>> X220 coreboot port and apply it to work with the
>>>>>>>>>> Libreboot X200? Or does the feature require
>>>>>>>>>> proprietary microcode?
>>>>>>>>> The hardware has no SATA connections to the miniPCIe
>>>>>>>>> slots (only PCIe and USB), so it's not possible.
>>>>>>>> Ah, dumb mistake then. Thanks for clearing that up for
>>>>>>>> me. Do you know of any Libreboot-compatible systems
>>>>>>>> with which two storage devices can be used and stored
>>>>>>>> from within the original chassis (without taking up any
>>>>>>>> USB ports)?
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