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Re: [Libreboot] X60 freezes with kernel > 4.0.7

From: Robert Alessi
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] X60 freezes with kernel > 4.0.7
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2015 21:21:43 +0200

On Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 08:05:26PM +0100, The Gluglug wrote:
> >> Mentioning that you aren't using upstream linux might make them
> >> close the bug report on that basis alone, even if the report is
> >> valid and there actually is a bug.
> > 
> > Gosh, but how can I edit my comments?  Looks like I only can add 
> > comments.
> > 
> Don't worry about it. It's just something to consider in the future.
Ok.  I was a bit worried. That's an easy way to get the rid of a bug!

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