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[Libreboot] Libreboot r20150518 - new release

From: The Gluglug
Subject: [Libreboot] Libreboot r20150518 - new release
Date: Mon, 18 May 2015 10:19:24 +0100
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Release 20150518

Release date: May 18th, 2015.

Installation instructions can be found at install/index.html. Building
instructions (for source code) can be found at git/index.html#build.
Machines supported in this release:

    ThinkPad X60/X60s
        You can also remove the motherboard from an X61/X61s and
replace it with an X60/X60s motherboard. An X60 Tablet motherboard
will also fit inside an X60/X60s.
    ThinkPad X60 Tablet (1024x768 and 1400x1050) with digitizer support
        See hcl/index.html#supported_x60t_list for list of supported
LCD panels
        It is unknown whether an X61 Tablet can have it's mainboard
replaced with an X60 Tablet motherboard.
    ThinkPad T60 (Intel GPU) (there are issues; see below):
        See notes below for exceptions, and
hcl/index.html#supported_t60_list for known working LCD panels.
        It is unknown whether a T61 can have it's mainboard replaced
with a T60 motherboard.
        See future/index.html#t60_cpu_microcode.
        T60P (and T60 laptops with ATI GPU) will likely never be
supported: hcl/index.html#t60_ati_intel
    ThinkPad X200
        X200S and X200 Tablet are also supported, conditionally; see
        ME/AMT: libreboot removes this, permanently.
    ThinkPad R400
        See hcl/r400.html
        ME/AMT: libreboot removes this, permanently.
    ThinkPad T400
        See hcl/t400.html
        ME/AMT: libreboot removes this, permanently.
    ThinkPad T500
        See hcl/t500.html
        ME/AMT: libreboot removes this, permanently.
    Apple MacBook1,1 (MA255LL/A, MA254LL/A, MA472LL/A)
        See hcl/index.html#macbook11.
    Apple MacBook2,1 (MA699LL/A, MA701LL/A, MB061LL/A, MA700LL/A,
MB063LL/A, MB062LL/A)
        See hcl/index.html#macbook21.

Changes for this release, relative to r20150208 (earliest changes
last, recent changes first)

    Add a whitelist entry to board_enable.c in flashrom, for the
ThinkPad R400, T400 and T500
    Updated flashrom (to SVN revision 1889)
        X200 whitelist patch removed (merged upstream)
        X200 whitelist modified to include X200S and X200 Tablet
    libreboot_util: don't include cmos layout files (not needed anymore)
    coreboot-libre: backport patches for X200 Tablet digitizer support
    build/release/archives: create SHA512 sum manifest file of the
release archives
    build/release/archives: separate crossgcc into a new archive
    disabled generation of txtmode ROM images for now (they will be
back again in the next release)
    coreboot-libre: delete unused code (reduce size of src archive)
    Flashing guides: make them more friendly to colourblind people
    docs/gnulinux/encrypted_*.html: Remove mention of password length
- - it was arbitrary and pointless.
    docs/maintain/index.html: Finish the guide
    scripts/download/coreboot: use diffs included in libreboot, not
external gerrit cherry-picks - (gerrit) being down
no longer kills libreboot (backup mirrors of the master repository exist)
    docs/install/bbb_setup.html: Add info about wp/hold and pinouts
    docs/index.html: improve the description of libreboot
    docs/hcl/gm45_remove_me.html: notes about the demefactory utility
    docs/install/bbb_setup.html: EHCI debug: recommend linux-libre
    docs/install/bbb_setup.html: EHCI Debug logging setup guide
    docs/hcl/t500.html: Add screen compatibility report (TODO: fix
incompatible screens)
    Update coreboot(again) + merge GM45 hybrid GPU patches - means
that T400/T500 with the ATI+Intel hybrid GPU setup will work (ATI
disabled, Intel permanently enabled). power_on_after_fail nvram option
added to all GM45 boards, defaulting to No, so that plugging it AC
doesn't boot up the system against the users will. Net20DC is now the
default debug dongle on all boards (compatible with BBB).
    demefactory (new utility): create GM45 factory.rom without the ME
    ich9deblob: re-factor descriptor.c functions
    docs/hcl/t500.html: add hardware logs
    docs/gnulinux/encrypted_*.html: No password for default entry
    docs/git/index.html: Add more details about BUC.TS
    grub.cfg: Also scan for grub2/grub.cfg, not just grub/grub.cfg
    docs/maintain/ (new section. WIP!): Maintaining libreboot
    docs/gnulinux/grub_boot_installer.html: Fix hazardous instruction
    docs/tasks.html: Better categorization between intel/amd/arm
    docs/install/bbb_setup.html: notes about SPI flashing stability
    docs/install/bbb_setup.html: more names for the 0.1" cables
    docs/install/*_external.html: add disclaimer about thermal paste
    docs/install/bbb_setup.html: Fix broken links
    docs/install/bbb_setup.html: preliminary notes about EHCI debug
    docs/hcl/gm45_remove_me.html: Link to websites talking about the ME
    docs/install/{t400,t500,r400}_external.html: Notes about CPU
    Delete the ich9macchange script. It's useless, and confuses people
    docs/hcl/gm45_remove_me.html: prioritize ich9gen executable path
    docs/hcl/gm45_remove_me.html: prioritize changing mac address
    docs/hcl/gm45_remove_me.html: less confusing notes about ich9gen
    build/dependencies/parabola: Add dependencies for x86_64
    Move parabola/trisquel dependency scripts to scripts/helpers/build
    scripts/dependencies/paraboladependencies: build dependencies
(32-bit Parabola)
    New board: ThinkPad T500
    Add diffs for descriptor/gbe differences between T500 and X200
    coreboot-libre: provide better blob categorization
    docs/hcl/gm45_remove_me.html: add notes about flash write protect
    New board: ThinkPad T400
    GRUB: add partial vesamenu.c32 support (fixes tails ISOLINUX menu)
    Update GRUB (to revision fa07d919d1ff868b18d8a42276d094b63a58e299)
    Update coreboot (to revision 83b05eb0a85d7b7ac0837cece67afabbdb46ea65)
        Intel CPU microcode (most of it) no longer deleted, because it
was deleted upstream (moved to a 3rd party repository).
        MacBook2,1 cstate patch is no longer cherry picked (merged
        Patch to disable use of timestamps in coreboot no longer
included (merged upstream)
    coreboot-libre: don't list vortex86ex kbd firmware as microcode
(list it separately)
    coreboot-libre: don't rm */early_setup_ss.h (these are not blobs)
    coreboot-libre: add GPLv3 license to the findblobs script
    coreboot-libreboot: don't rm raminit_tables (nahelem/sandybridge)
(they are not blobs)
    coreboot-libre: don't delete the .spd.hex files (they are not blobs)
    build/release/archives: don't put rmodtool in libreboot_util
    docs/install/x200_external.html: recommend installing GNU/Linux at
the end
    docs/install/x200_external.html: add more photos, improve instructions
    build/clean/grub: use distclean instead of clean
    grub-assemble: Add the bsd and part_bsd modules
    build/roms/withgrub: Only run ich9gen if gm45/gs45 images exist
    docs/git/index.html: Add notes about building for specific boards
    build/roms/withgrub: Allow building for a custom range of boards
    grub-assemble: Disable verbose output
    Add documentation on how to unlock root encrypted fs with key in
initramfs in Parabola Linux
    docs/gnulinux/grub_cbfs.html: Improve structure (easier to use)
    grub.cfg: Disable the beep on startup
    docs/install/bbb_setup.html: Make the guide easier to use
    docs/gnulinux/grub_cbfs.html: Remove redundant instructions
    docs/install/x200_external.html: Mark pins in the images
    docs/install/bbb_setup.html: Replace 3.3V PSU photo with ATX PSU
    docs/hcl/x200.html: Add dumps from 4-MiB X200 with Lenovo BIOS 3.22
    docs/hcl/x200.html: Add dumps from 4-MiB X200 with Lenovo BIOS 3.18
    grub.cfg: add syslinux_configfile menuentry for ahci0
    grub.cfg: Add more paths for syslinux_configfile
    docs/future.html: T60: Add EDID dump from LG-Philips LP150E05-A2K1
    docs/install/bbb_setup.html: Further clarify which clip is needed
    bash scripts: Make script output more user-friendly in general
    bash scripts: Only enable verbose output if DEBUG= is used
    build: Support multiple extra options - now possible to build
multiple images for arbitrary boards (configs), but without building
the entire collection.
    Deleted the signing archive key - the finger print and ID is given
instead, so that the user can download it from a key server
    scripts/helpers/build/release: Move docs to separate archive -
reduces the size of the other archives considerably
    Move DEBLOB to resources/utilities/coreboot-libre/deblob
    scripts/helpers/build/release: Delete DEBLOB from libreboot_src/ -
not needed in libreboot_src (release archive) because it contains a
coreboot revision that has already been deblobbed.
    flash (script): Use build instead of DEBLOB to know if in src
    docs/install/r400_external.html: Show images, don't link.
    docs/install/x200_external.html: Show images, don't link.
    docs/install/bbb_setup.html: Show images, instead of linking
    Documentation: optimize all images (reduce file sizes)
    Remove download links from the release page (and the archive page)
- - release archives are hosted differently following this release,
which means that the old methods are no longer viable.
    Moved ich9macchange to resources/scripts/misc/ich9macchange
    ich9macchange: assume that the script is being run from _util (act
only on one ROM image, defined by a user-provided path)
    Move grub-background to resources/scripts/misc/grub-background
    grub-background: assume that it is being run from libreboot_util
    grub-background: change only one ROM image, specified by path
    build (release archives): Add the commitid file to release/
    build-release: Move the release archives to release/
    Merge all build scripts into a single generic script, with helpers
in resources/scripts/helpers/build/
    Replace getall with download, which takes as input an argument
specifying which programme the user wants to download.
    Moved the get scripts to resources/scripts/helpers/download/
    build-release: Remove the powertop entries
    Moved powertop.trisquel7 to resources/scripts/misc/
    Deleted the powertop.trisquel6 script (Trisquel 6 is obsolete)
    Documentation: general improvements to the flashing instructions
    Merged all flashing scripts into a single script
    Updated GRUB
    bucts: Make it build without git
    Moved dejavu-fonts-ttf-2.34/AUTHORS to resources/grub/font/
    Deleted GRUB Invaders from libreboot
    Deleted SeaBIOS from libreboot
    build-release: optimize use of tar (reduced file sizes)
    grub.cfg: add another SYSLINUX config location
    build-release: remove the bin/ directory from libreboot_util
    cleandeps: delete the bin/ directory
    buildrom-withgrub: create the bin directory if it does not exist
    coreboot-libre: don't use git for version timestamp
    i945-pwm: add clean command to Makefile
    i945-pwm: add -lz to Makefile
    docs/install/x200_external: Mention GPIO33 non-descriptor mode
    docs/hcl/index.html: Remove redundant links
    ich9macchange: Add R400
    build-release: Separate ROM images into individual archives
    build-release: rename libreboot_bin to libreboot_util
    New board: ThinkPad R400 support added to libreboot.
    bbb_setup.html: tell user to use libreboot's own flashrom

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