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[Libreboot] T500: Support for 1920x1200

From: t
Subject: [Libreboot] T500: Support for 1920x1200
Date: Fri, 15 May 2015 19:12:26 +0000
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On I've read that displays with
a 1920x1200 resolution are currently incompatible with libreboot.

What can I, as a non-developer (regarding reverse engineering), do to
forward this issue and to support libreboot in general?

I'm really interested in this in order to replace my libreboot
incompatible Dell E6530 laptop, I've already bought two T400 and flashed
libreboot, one as a softphone to replace my snom 360 VoIP phone and one
T400 for working (Linux admin & PHP developer), but for working with it
I'm not happy with the rather low resolution of the screen, because I
like to have as many space on my screen as possible.

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