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[Libreboot] Problems with my x60 tablet (NOT lirbeboot related)

From: arielmazatlan
Subject: [Libreboot] Problems with my x60 tablet (NOT lirbeboot related)
Date: Mon, 04 May 2015 12:59:45 -0600


I'm going to ask this question on xorg, but since many people in the
libreboot community most probably use x60 tablets a lot, I thought that
maybe some one could also help me even if my issue is not libreboot

I'm having a problem with my x60 Tablet. There is a sensor that is
causing me problems. The sensor seems to be working fine, but when ever
is activated none xev is given from it and the stylus stops working.
Here is a video of the problem I'm having:

I believe this sensor was meant to let know the computer when it goes to
“tablet mode” and rotate the desktop environment towards the user, as
described on some other models of the same family as shown in the
following page:

I'm guessing that the kernel in trisquel doesn't have the proper driver
or it hasn't been made yet.

I find this functionality not very useful, and if it were necessary to
fix the issue I could take the sensor out. What you think I could do?

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