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[Libreboot] libreboot on x200 with Shikra

From: matcor
Subject: [Libreboot] libreboot on x200 with Shikra
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 18:49:26 -0400
User-agent: Riseup mail

I'm trying to flash libreboot to my x200 using a Shikra. When it gets to the "Erasing and writing flash chip" part, it seems to hang, but top shows that flashrom is still using a lot of the CPU. I left it for over 3 hours and it doesn't get any further than my logfile below. Would anyone be able to shed some light as to what might be going on here? Thanks.

flashrom -p ft2232_spi:type=232H -c "MX25L6405D" -w x200_8mb_usqwerty_vesafb.rom -V 2>&1 | tee logfile

flashrom v0.9.8-r1889 on Linux 3.17.4-301.fc21.x86_64 (x86_64)
flashrom is free software, get the source code at

flashrom was built with libpci 3.3.0, GCC 4.9.2 20150212 (Red Hat 4.9.2-6), little endian Command line (7 args): flashrom -p ft2232_spi:type=232H -c MX25L6405D -w x200_8mb_usqwerty_vesafb.rom -V Calibrating delay loop... OS timer resolution is 1 usecs, 1491M loops per second, 10 myus = 10 us, 100 myus = 119 us, 1000 myus = 1019 us, 10000 myus = 10100 us, 4 myus = 4 us, OK.
Initializing ft2232_spi programmer
Using device type FTDI FT232H channel A.
Disable divide-by-5 front stage
Set clock divisor
MPSSE clock: 60.000000 MHz, divisor: 2, SPI clock: 30.000000 MHz
No loopback of TDI/DO TDO/DI
Set data bits
The following protocols are supported: SPI.
Probing for Macronix MX25L6405D, 8192 kB: probe_spi_rdid_generic: id1 0xc2, id2 0x2017
Found Macronix flash chip "MX25L6405D" (8192 kB, SPI) on ft2232_spi.
Chip status register is 0xff.
Chip status register: Status Register Write Disable (SRWD, SRP, ...) is set
Chip status register: Bit 6 is set
Chip status register: Block Protect 3 (BP3) is set
Chip status register: Block Protect 2 (BP2) is set
Chip status register: Block Protect 1 (BP1) is set
Chip status register: Block Protect 0 (BP0) is set
Chip status register: Write Enable Latch (WEL) is set
Chip status register: Write In Progress (WIP/BUSY) is set
This chip may contain one-time programmable memory. flashrom cannot read
and may never be able to write it, hence it may not be able to completely
clone the contents of this chip (see man page for details).
Some block protection in effect, disabling...
Need to disable the register lock first... Error: WIP bit after WRSR never cleared
spi_write_status_register failed.
Reading old flash chip contents... done.
Erasing and writing flash chip... Trying erase function 0... 0x000000-0x000fff:E

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