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[Libreboot] User report: Libreboot on X200

From: Clemens Mangler
Subject: [Libreboot] User report: Libreboot on X200
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 17:56:17 +0000


I put Libreboot on my X200 and I thought I ll share a problem (and solution) I 
encountered along the way.

There are still some open questions so I hope this list is the right place.

I went the hardware flashing route using a bbb and some SOIC-clips (the ones 
also used with the bus pirate).

Reading the factory rom went smoothly, but flashing libreboot failed (I 
re-tried a lot). I then ended up with a successful flash after compiling the 
latest flashrom and manually setting the chip definition to the third in the 
list with the -c switch (the other two showed the same behaviour).

I continued with installing Tisquel 7 according to the howto on 
Everything works so far. Wowever I get asked for the paraphrase twice. Once in 
libreboots grub (which is expected) and once during the boot sequence (I think 
it is during the intramfs stage). Did anyone experience something similar and 
has already? Maybe tweaking the initrd helps? I did not spend too much time 
with this, since I got more pressing problem: My system randomly freezes. One 
can still see the

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