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[Libreboot] Password protected Grub entries

From: Beni Keller
Subject: [Libreboot] Password protected Grub entries
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 08:49:16 +0100

Hey all,

I followed this tutorial to get Trisquel on full disc

The problem now was that every time I boot I had to enter three
passwords. The Grub password first and then twice the encryption
password. So to reduce this to two passwords, I figured I don't have to
password protect the Grub entry that boots Trisquel on the encrypted
partition, since password protection should only keep someone
from booting my laptop from usb. So I edited the menu entry in grub.cfg
like this:

  menuentry 'Load Operating System' --unrestricted { ...

So my question: Is there a reason this isn't included in the tutorial?
Did I somehow weaken the security of my system doing this? If so,
what's the possible attack that's prevented by password protecting
every grub entry?



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