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[Libreboot] Can libreboot help to escape the Intel AMT/ME nightmare?

From: Alexander
Subject: [Libreboot] Can libreboot help to escape the Intel AMT/ME nightmare?
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2015 12:17:31 +0100
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This is a question to help me understand what libreboot can do and what not.
First off I want to thank all the contributers and developers for their
time and effort
and make clear that when I ask about "the limitations of
libreboot/coreboot" I am
well aware that they are reflect the obstacles put in the way of the
which do anyway the very very best. Thank you.

I am a victim of Intel AMT. I use a Thinkpad x201 (which is a vPro iCore
and by this may very well assume to be hacked by the NSA which can via Intel
use the ARC chip in the vPro Intel AMT. This is very sad, moreso that I
have just
recently become aware of this threat.

My question henceforth is that if I made the purchase of a Thinkpad X200
for some bad luck can only be bought second hand, and makes trust even less
as the previous owner can have tampared with the system), can I "clean the
system of some of its evil spying and manipulation and criminalization

Is there an indication that a flashing the bios with libreboot will
allow to disable
Intel AMT?
If this was so, is there any technical mean (i.e. a multimeter or other
technical device,
which would allow me to confirm this with some reliability).

For good or for bad there is some paranoia. Is there any way to gain
some trust
to other users? I think no other technical mean would allow to get
trust, than to
bunch up with other users to get to know each other personnaly well
enough and
to henceforth trustfully devide the work of auditing.

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