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Re: [Libreboot-dev] Two patches to support Thinkpad T400s, possibly usef

From: persmule
Subject: Re: [Libreboot-dev] Two patches to support Thinkpad T400s, possibly useful fo T400.
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2016 07:01:47 +0800
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   Hi Leah,
   I forgot to mark the revision on which my patches are based, so I send
   the second mail. The patches attached are the same.
   I do not believe patch 0001 could change any behavior of regular T400,
   which I cannot confirm, since I do not own any T400.
   The patch 0002 may enable the ATA port on the dock of T400, as its
   commit log said, which I cannot confirm, either.
   在 2016年08月21日 23:04, Leah Rowe 写道:

     Hi Persmule,
     Op 21/08/16 om 11:00 schreef persmule:
     > Hi all,
     > Finally I get my T400s work with a patched version atop the newest
     > libreboot revision (58eda7a00a87283e4c6426368ddd5e97b8ebe5b1), as
     > well as another patch to enable other wired (S)ATA ports.
     > It may be possible to add T400s as a new supported board with
     > patch 0001, and patch 0002 may be useful to improve its
     > extensibility.
     > Persmule.
     Firstly, please only send patches to the -dev mailing list,
     we get cluttered. You sent 4 emails with the same or similar patch.
     Can you confirm that they are all the same?
     Does this change break, fix or otherwise change any behaviour on
     regular T400 laptops?

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