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Re: [Libreboot-dev] Docs: texinfo merging/cleanup

From: Leah Rowe
Subject: Re: [Libreboot-dev] Docs: texinfo merging/cleanup
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2016 00:39:36 +0100
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a GNU release, I should say

Op 19/07/16 om 00:34 schreef Leah Rowe:
> Hi Paul,
> Op 18/07/16 om 22:35 schreef address@hidden:
>> Did you build the documentation for the website using "./build 
>> docs html w"? Because of where the images are on the server, I
>> set up this "w" option to provide alternate paths.
>> For example, when I use "./build docs html w", the image paths
>> on the page you linked to (MAC Address - T400) are 
>> ../../docs/install/images/t400/macaddress0.jpg instead of the 
>> current ../../resources/images/t400/macaddress0.jpg.
>> Thanks for all your help!
> Thanks. We're getting close, just a few more issues to deal with.
> I think I just tried with the w option correctly, but I still
> don't see images.
> Can you do me a favour. Install lighttpd from scratch on a
> trisquel server (barebones install from netinstall) and tell me
> exactly what you had to install as dependency, then in document
> root create a symlink called "manual" pointing to the manual
> directory in a libreboot clone directory elsewhere on the system,
> where you have run the html ./build docs commands with w, and
> basically document in fine detail everything you're doing, until
> you get it working.
> With such instructions, I will be able to publish those on the 
> libreboot website. I've stopped backporting changes into the HTML 
> backport branch now, and we are working on getting a release out
> the door as quickly as possible. We intend for documentation
> generated using "./build docs html" to be the default on the live
> site before doing the release, as part of our acceptable into GNU
> (they accepted us under the assumption that this and the build
> system changes would be completed. PaulK is almost finished with
> those from what I can tell)

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