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[Libreboot-dev] possible workaround for x60 keyboard problem

From: Arthur Heymans
Subject: [Libreboot-dev] possible workaround for x60 keyboard problem
Date: Mon, 16 May 2016 23:04:23 +0200
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Describtion of the problem: sometimes the keyboard initialization of the
x60/t60 takes more times and this is not handled well by grub.
This problem occurs way more often than in recent coreboot versions
than in libreboot_stable.

Seasbios handles this correctly by adding a maximum delay for the
keyboard to show up.

A possible workaround for using grub and having an always working
keyboard is to use seabios that chainloads grub with 0s delay.

To do this build coreboot/libreboot with seabios payload
add this to the cbfs:
img/grub2 "added using cbfs add-payload -c lzma"
all the grub cfg files and image
bootorder containing "/address@hidden/grub2
etc/show-boot-menu created using "dd if=/dev/null of=show-boot-menu bs=1

Note: when in grub chainloading seabios again works but ironically the
keyboard does not work then
Note2: this takes around 7-8s to get into grub screen. libreboot stable
does this in 5s. (then again libreboot_unstable also take 8s to get in grub)

Arthur Heymans

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