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Re: [Libreboot-dev] [Libreboot] libreboot ROM image testing needed

From: Albin
Subject: Re: [Libreboot-dev] [Libreboot] libreboot ROM image testing needed
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2016 15:16:43 +0100
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Hi Francis.

I'm a willing test subject.  I've got a MacBook2,1 and already know that
there are issues with the current state of this port.  The most serious
one right now, in my view, is that it's impossible to use the "Search
for GRUB" menu entry.

I'll do my best to help make a version available that's an improvement
over the current stable release.  I'm also working on an unbricking
guide for the same device and will try to have it ready as soon as possible.

Happy hacking!


Den 2016-01-26 kl. 11:04, skrev Francis Rowe:
> From #libreboot IRC on Tuesday, 26 January 2016:
> <francis7> ah
> <francis7> I know X60 will work
> <francis7> so will T60
> <francis7> because I'll reset them
> <francis7> and it's easy to find testers for those
> <francis7> as for testing x200
> <francis7> I really don't want to take equipment with me, so I was
> worried about bricking my x200 when testing
> <francis7> but.............. FOSDEM has like 20 coreboot hackers
> there, who all sit in a room dedicated to coreboot hacking, for the
> whole 2 days
> <francis7> so if I brick my X200, I'll just go there and unbrick it
> <francis7> any T400 users here willing to be a test subject this weekend
> ?
> <francis7> (fosdem has a building called the AW building. coreboot
> people are there)
> <francis7> kgpe-d16, kcma-d8 and kfsn4-dre are covered (I'll spam
> tpearson until he responds, for testing)
> <francis7> then I just need to ping damo22 for testing his 2 boards
> <francis7> c201 I can leave alone, I know that works (I'm not touching i
> t)
> * francis7 has it all under control
> * francis7 is planning 4 days of non-stop libreboot development, while
> away
> <francis7> (I'm leaving early, going somewhere else before fosdem)
> * khot_1 heeft verlaten (Quit: Leaving.)
> <francis7> ah
> <francis7> testing needs to be done on friday actually
> <francis7> preferably thursday
> So, I'm at FOSDEM this weekend, and will need people to test ROM
> images for an upcoming libreboot release (which may even be made while
> at fosdem). Any libreboot users here that wish to be test subjects
> (warning: bricks are possible. you'll either need an external flasher,
> or nerves of steel).
> If you are willing to be a test subject, please respond!
> (say what hardware you have)

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