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[Libreboot-dev] Test report: mb2,1 - 2015-12-16 (unstable)

From: Albin
Subject: [Libreboot-dev] Test report: mb2,1 - 2015-12-16 (unstable)
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2015 20:53:24 +0100
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Hi! Here is a macbook2,1 test report.

Release and image details


Date and time
2015-Dec-16 01:16:45



* GRUB: Reboot
* GRUB: Booting from USB key (if inserted when inside GRUB, see below).

Doesn't work / issues
* Booting with USB key plugged in -- GRUB doesn't start. Instead the
following message is shown: "Unknown key 0xff detected" and after a
while the system reboots. Tested with and without battery.
* GRUB: Boot Operating System -- the system hangs with the libreboot
logo showing on the screen.
* GRUB: Search for GRUB configuration (grub.cfg) outside of CBDS -- it
doesn't create any new boot entries. The latest stable release, however,
generates (on my system) a "Load Config from (ahci0,1)" entry that can
be used to boot GNU/Linux.
* GRUB: Poweroff -- the screen goes blank but the system doesn't shut down.

Not tested
* Everything else

Comparison with stable release

The issues above are not present in the latest stable release
(2015-05-18, macbook21_usqwerty_vesafb.rom). On the other hand, here
"Unknown key 0xff detected" is shown inside GRUB and most of the time I
have to press enter to load the OS, i.e to use the first entry.


This image is obviously not stable, but it's not critically flawed since
it's still possible to boot from USB and reflash to the latest stable
version, which I just did.



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