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Re: NOOB - compiling error

From: Duke Normandin
Subject: Re: NOOB - compiling error
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2023 13:55:55 -0700

On Mon, 27 Feb 2023 20:30:51 +0100
Raphael Mack <> wrote:

> Hi Duke,
> the code example is using the ISE dialect of Eiffel, which
> differs in some (small) aspects. One is the (rather theoretical)
> loop variant.

Thank you so much for the thorough explanation! It is very much

I will consult the Syntax diagrams on the liberty eiffel site as
well as the examples. Actually, I have already done the latter.

I have programming experience in other imperative and functional
languages, but not very OOP. A bit of GNU-Smalltalk some time ago.

Eiffel seems to resemble Sather which I test-drove a long time ago,
but the GNU compiler was abandoned if I recall correctly.

I'm off to study your code corrections! Thanks again!

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