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Re: Feedback requested about C-compiler suppport

From: Raphael Mack
Subject: Re: Feedback requested about C-compiler suppport
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2022 18:13:06 +0100
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Liberty is the GNU eiffel compiler, so we have one obvious obligation:
GCC. All others are nice to have and we can drop them if none here
raises his or her voice and uses another one in a real project. -> as
soon as we have users caring about backward compatibility I wouldn't
want to drop them. Otherwise I'd vote for simplicity...

Am Donnerstag, dem 24.02.2022 um 13:30 +0100 schrieb Hans Zwakenberg:
>  As preparation for making LE emit C99 or C11 code, I'm on a quest to
> make the generated C-code easier to analyze by tools like Cppcheck. 
> A part of this is to reduce the number of #IFDEFs in the generated C-
> code. 
>  I've already removed several old hardware and operating system
> platforms from Liberty's C-runtime library in the previous weeks. 
>  A next possible step for simplification would be to reduce the
> number of compilers we support. Do we really need to continue to
> support the old Watcom and other C-compilers? 
>  Hence, my current request for feedback about the C-compilers for
> which we need or want continued support. Any feedback is welcome… 

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