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Re: SmartEiffel error: Too many live types

From: Oleg Terentiev
Subject: Re: SmartEiffel error: Too many live types
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2021 16:25:51 +0700

- все
No. Where can I get it? GitHub has only master (default?)
02.12.2021, 15:00, "Paolo Redælli" <>:

Il 02/12/21 07:49, Oleg Terentiev ha scritto:

 I decided it: removed standard: "${path_lib}/" in *.ace
  and just add only needed pathes. I used 'find' and 'grep' for it.

HAve you tried compiling with an earlier release of Liberty? As far as I
rememeber the live type limitations were one of the fixed bugs

b.r., Oleg Terentiev

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