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[Liberty-eiffel] Marketing Liberty-Eiffel

From: H. Zwakenberg | Ocean Consulting GmbH
Subject: [Liberty-eiffel] Marketing Liberty-Eiffel
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2013 19:08:20 +0200
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Hi Group,

as to marketing, I have some ideas, bear with me:

- even if only a few of the old guard contemplate to 'perhaps' come back, it might be a good idea learn in advance what made _them_ stop using SE and under what conditions they would return to SE's successor. It's irrelevant what _we_ think their reasons were, we need to learn how _they_ feel about it.

- I seem to recollect that back in the SE-days, someone took the effort to start implementing the Language Shootout modules. If LE is as good as we hope it to be, this would be a platform to show it off. Is the old SE code still around and could it perhaps be a basis for improvement (and killer shootout scoring)?

- Social media is something I keep away from for obvious reasons (XING being the only exception), so I cannot recommend a course of action. I do know about website development & promotion, influencing Google ranking, etc. One of the key drivers to ranking is the number of sites referencing Liberty-Eiffel. To make a small contribution to that, I reserved, which will exist in parallel to Perhaps I should create a site that more focusses on my personal reasons & interests for using LE: Windows desktop/OpenGL stuff, and embedded Linux/OpenGL stuff.

- A remark about ranking: the purpose of a good ranking is not to attract new users - the sole purpose is that when someone is searching for Eiffel programming, Liberty Eiffel should show up high on the results-list the search engines return.

- We should start to collect email addresses of IT magazine editors, to be able to pinpoint press-releases.

- Perhaps we should create a separate distribution for educational institutions. Such a distributions should contain material that those that lecture can use right away

- For LE to be generally usable, I reckon we don't just need the compiler, but a GUI and database library as well. Ideally, we'd have a generic layer for each, that allows different GUI's and different dB's to be used as plugins.

-  ...

That's it for me, I'll keep my thinking cap on and will report any further ideas.


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