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Re: [libcvd-members] libcvd cvd/Linux/dvbuffer3.h cvd_src/Linux/dvbu...

From: Edward Rosten
Subject: Re: [libcvd-members] libcvd cvd/Linux/dvbuffer3.h cvd_src/Linux/dvbu...
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 10:38:35 -0600 (MDT)

On Tue, 15 Jul 2008, Georg Klein wrote:

Erm, so it turns out that

1. the juju stack is buggy as hell, at least with my hardware. As soon as the app does any work besides just grabbing images, it'll lock the capture up. Avoid.

Like changing exposure, etc?

2. using libdc1394v2 with the old kernel stack works, but it has strange locking behaviours (as in: a new program will steal the old one's camera), and does not handle program crashes as well as v1 (you have to use a dc1394_reset_bus utility to clean up after it.)

There's a funny thing about firewire. You can grab data without being the one to initiate a grab. In principle, you can daisy chain N computers together, put one camera on and they can all get the data. Or does this grab stop the original program getting data?

So for now, using --without-dc1394v2 is probably a good idea. But I'm sure it'll be great in the future. Yeah!

Fair enough. I'm doing a small mod of libCVD, so some options can be disabled by default. Fast-7 seems to crash about 20% of GCC compilers and takes ages to compile, so I might have it disabled by default. I can do the same for dc1394v2 as well.

PS as of 2.6.26, the uvc-linux v4l2 driver is in the mainline kernel. Woo! We may soon get to the stage where video input works out of the box.

Except that this coincides with a change in API in ffmpeg :-(

Do many devices do UVC? I thought USB webcams were all hand hacked. I haven't been following this much recently, though.


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