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Re: [libcvd-members] libcvd configure

From: Gerhard Reitmayr
Subject: Re: [libcvd-members] libcvd configure
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2008 13:36:14 +0000
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Georg Klein wrote:
> Erm, I need help from an autoconf wizard..
> could someone reinstate the --with-toon-dir thing, or make the autoconf
> do its compile tests using the include dirs used by --prefix= ?
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yes, I have the same problem, haven't looked into it yet, but used
CPPFLAGS on the configure command line as a temporary workaround

./configure CPPFLAGS=-I/whereever [other options]

Gerhard Reitmayr
MIL, Engineering Department, Cambridge University
tel: +44 1223 765150

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