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Re: [Libcdio-devel] libcdio 0.94rc1 tarball available.

From: Robert Kausch
Subject: Re: [Libcdio-devel] libcdio 0.94rc1 tarball available.
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2016 19:29:26 +0200
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Thanks a lot for preparing a new release, Rocky!

I tested the Darwin driver on OS X El Capitan (Darwin 15) and macOS Sierra (Darwin 16) and found it to be working fine. Thus, I pushed a change to to recognize these OS versions. Please make sure to include the commit in the final 0.94 release.


Robert Kausch

Am 15.10.2016 um 23:35 schrieb Rocky Bernstein:
In preparation for a release, you can get the 0.94 release candidate
tarball at the URL For example:


Changes for this release culled from the git log (and also in ChangeLog)

- CD-TEXT fixes and improvements
   * Expose mmc_read_cdtext as a publicly accessable function
     Removes some redundant error reporting in mmc_read_cdtext
     Also fixes some incorrect lengths for isrc and mcn.
   * Fix inconsistent maximal length in CD-Text extraction
   * Added new low level functions for READ SUB-CHANNEL and
     READ TOC/PMA/ATIP for CD-TEXT extraction.
   * Add cdtext binary parser and track number to public api
   *  Increase track # for short CD-Text fields

- Eject fixes:
   * Fix disc eject for Cocoa apps and support ejecting CD-Extra discs
     on OS X.
   * Make sure device is opend in read/write ode when trying to eject.

   * Add error eporting from_733_with_err. Bug #45014
   * Guard against malformed rockridge iso. Bug #45015
   * Malformed so crashes iso-info Bug #45013:
   *  Guard against 0-size calloc bug #45016
   * Fix testudf segfaults/fails on big endian arches. Bug #43995.
   * add get_last_session to the win32 driver.
     Also fixes cd-paranoia behavior. Savannah bug #43446.
   * GNU/Linux ioctl treats <= 0 as max speed, so. Bug #43428
   * Fixed cdio_free leaking
   * Recursion checking in cdio_logv()
   * g++ greater than 4.0 handles "pack" Bug #48759
   * configure fixes

If you are able to, please try this out. Thanks to everyone who has helped
the last two years.

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